IDPs Tracker: Telling The Story of Nigeria’s IDP Camps


As the world deals with the refugee crisis due to the war in Syria and parts of the Middle East, Nigeria is dealing with its own refugee crises. The bane that is Boko Haram (BH) has led to widespread displacement of people in the North East. Homes and whole communities have been destroyed, and survivors have had to trudge to camps set up for them by state and federal governments. Sadly, ‘IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)’ has become a household acronym in Nigeria. orodata IDPs tracker north east nigeria

Several individuals, organizations, multinational donors and governments continue to donate to these camps. But everyone will tell you that conditions are dismal! And it’s not getting better. Even a quick Google search of ‘Nigeria’s IDP camps 2016’ is reflective of the all round bad news – ‘Malnutrition deaths in IDP camps’, ‘Nigerian officials grow rich on the hunger of the poor’, ‘IDPs protest over poor feeding in camps’, ‘Rotten under-bellies of North-East IDP camps’, stories of child trafficking, and many more. orodata IDPs tracker north east nigeria The stories are bleak! But what can we do about this! orodata IDPs tracker north east nigeria

Entrepreneur, Citizen Data Scientist and Founding Partner of Orodata Nigeria, Blaise Aboh, knows that the first step in tackling this is to know what is on-ground in these IDP camps. This led him to develop the IDPs Tracker. The whole point is to track, monitor and analyze data about these IDPs and IDP camps and represent them in easy to interpret infographics (click below) so that people can use this information to make better decisions for the camps.

Date of Publication: SEPTEMBER 2016



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